I am Melissa Tabas and I am a designer, artist and elite amateur baker. I live in Philadelphia, PA with my cat (and constant muse) Marie.

I am an avid cyclist and that drives much of my work and interest in cycling kits and accessories.  I run a small cycling kit company aptly called Laser Cats and Such.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to create cycling clothes that I wanted to wear, and Laser Cats and Such was born.  I am a self-taught designer and I continue to learn new things everyday.

In the past year I decided to take a jump with both feet into the world of design.  Currently I am studying art and design at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, as well as course work at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

I am inspired by colors, shapes, and the natural beauty found in the world. I love the fact that the world is filled with things and people are awkward and different, it give me hope for weirdos like me.

My outlet for good and bad has always been baking. I love to adjust, edit and test recipes. 

My motto for most things is More is More, less is more is passé

Thanks for checking out my site! 


Instagram: @mtabas